The Vacani School Uniform


Sugarplum Dancewear are our Uniform providers.  Sugarplum Dancewear is an independent online dancewear company, established in 2008, by Diane Harris. 

Ballet Uniform can be purchased online using the link below: Sugarplum Dancewear.

We also use a local uniform provider in Byfleet  4Dance.


Does my child have to wear the school uniform:

All children from Reception Year/Pre Primary are required to wear the CWS Dance uniform.  Wearing a ballet uniform plays an important part in learning the discipline of ballet.  A uniform introduces the concept of being part of a Corps de ballet, moving together and working together.

A ballet leotard should be worn like a swimsuit, it is inappropriate to have underwear showing (especially on stage or in a ballet exams) and therefore most young dancers choose to not to wear undergarments.  If however your daughter wishes to wear ballet underwear, this can be purchased from a range of ballet uniform providers and should not be visible.

Vests should not be worn underneath leotards, the ballet wrap is sufficient in our heated studios.  Children tire quickly when they overheat.

Pre-school/Nursery girls may wear any leotard and skirt with ballet socks.  We recommend

Do I have to buy the uniform from your uniform provider?

Parents are very welcome to use alternative suppliers (eg:, but please carefully check the name/colour/brand of leotard and ensure that you purchase the correct items. It is very important that pupils wear identical uniform for class, assessments and examinations.  Our uniforms are made by Roche Valley and are available from a range of suppliers.  Sugarplum are very efficient and friendly, and they deliver very promptly;  please be aware that other suppliers may charge higher postage costs and may take longer to deliver.

Why isn’t your uniform pink?

Our pre-school children may choose their own colour, style of leotard but once our pupils graduate to Pre-Primary/Reception we chose a beautiful light aqua blue.  Our uniform is in keeping with the school brand and identity, which strives to encourage both boys and girls to join the wonderful world of ballet.  Although pink is a colour which is enjoyed by many we felt that blue was less stereotypical and therefore more inclusive.

Socks or Tights

Children in Reception/Pre Primary, Primary and Standard 1, wear socks.  Socks should match the colour of the ballet shoes.  Both socks and ballet shoes should match the dancers skin tone.  Bloch is an international supplier of ballet tights and ballet shoes and both can be purchased here.

Children in Standard 2 and above wear ballet tights – these should match their skin tone.

Do you have a Second Hand Uniform Shop

Parents are very welcome to use our School Facebook page to sell or buy second hand uniform.

Why do girls have to have their hair up in a bun for every ballet class?

Girls should always have their hair tied up preferably in a ballet bun (if insufficient time, a hair claw will suffice but hair should always be up).  In ballet class our pupils learn how to place their head and neck and hair should not obstruct the teachers view or distract the dancer.  We strongly recommend parents putting their child’s hair in a bun as soon as it is long enough, so that the child gets used to the feeling of wearing one.

Girls Age 2 - 8 yrs (up to Standard 1 inc)

  • Beatrice Leotard
  • Matilda Skirt
  • Pink Ballet Socks
  • Pink Leather Ballet Shoes with elastics

Girls 9yrs - 13yrs (Standard 2 to Standard 5 inc)

  • Elizabeth Leotard
  • Waist Band
  • Pink Ballet Tights
  • Pink Leather Ballet Shoes with elastics

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